Emails have become the most trusted and important modes of communication and while the good thing about emails is that they can be used to exchange all kinds of important emails, they are also used to spam. Spammers use the email service to send all kinds of junk emails to users and managing them becomes quite an issue.

Even with people using Email filtering & forwarding, spam messages can create havoc with the complete system. The best way to tackle this issue of receiving spam messages is creating filters

How to set email filters in Gmail:

  • Click on the settings tab
  • Then click on filters
  • To set the filter, fill in the details of the sender in the Form box and also the keyword with the help of which the mail server can identify where and how to categorize the emails.

How to set email filters in Hotmail:

  • Log in to the Hotmail account
  • Click on Options tab on top right hand corner
  • Then click on More Options
  • Then click on the Customise you mail tab
  • Following this click on the tab that says Automatically sort e-mail into folders
  • Then click on the New Filter tab

How to set email filters in Yahoo:

  • Log into the Yahoo email account
  • Select the Options and more Options tab
  • Then click on the select filters tab on the top left of the screen
  • Ten click on Add Filter if new filters are to be created and follow the instructions to complete the procedure

The procedure to set up the email filters is more or less the same in all the email servers. Also, these procedures are elf-explanatory and one can quickly set the filters by following the instructions given.

Perils of Email Forwarding:

Spam messages can be a real trouble for the mail forwarding process as most servers are designed in such a manner that they would either reject such mails or direct them to the spam folder.

Now if mail forwarding is activated from a user’s account A to account B with the ‘Catch All’ option selected, it would also forward the spam messages. Now the receiving email server will reject such emails and the sending server will again try to resend it. In this manner not only do mails queue up in the sender’s server but can also put unnecessary load on the same.

Therefore, users should always take the help of professionals when setting up Email filtering & forwarding services on their accounts.

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