This article provides some tips and strategies that can help a user to recover the password of an email ID in case one has forgotten the password or the email Account has been hacked. Additionally, it also outlines the services provided by third party email service providers with regard to password recovery.


The email IDs used by individuals or by accompany contains not only sensitive information, but also acts as virtual information storage drive. In other words email IDs not only act as a conveyor of information and data, but also as a reserve for information. Third party email service providers like UK Email Support mention that often datamining becomes easier if one gets the access to an active email ID.

However, customers often complain that they have been locked out of their email accounts because they have provided the wrong password. In such a scenario it is essential to tread carefully with the password recovery process, as it may be an indication that the account has been hacked into by an unknown party. According to Hotmail password recovery system the maximum number of issues of being locked out of one’s email account are due to negligence on the part of the user. It is essential to be careful and follow the security instructions provided by the email service provider, to prevent hacking of one’s email account.

Nevertheless, if one is locked out of one’s email account then give a call on the Gmail Customer Support Number to reset the password for one’s email ID. One can also check out the following password recovery tips, to get the email ID working again:

  • While creating the email ID provide a security question, which one will remember with ease. Check out the password recovery section and provide the correct answer to the security question. This will help the system authenticate the identity of the user and the password recovery process will be initiated.
  • Hire the services of a third party email maintenance service provider to recover the password. Additionally, this is one of the most secure means of recovering the password as it is done by maintaining all security protocols.

However, it is advisable to not open unknown mails, check spam mails and be aware of phishing attacks.  According to UK Email Support hacking of one’s email account can be easily prevented by following a few safety measures.


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