Management of email accounts has become a matter of great concern as, with the increasing number of domains that people work on, the need to have well managed pools of communication has increased. The email account essentially serves as the communication pools where all written communications are stored and losing the email password and getting locked out is one of the nightmares that people want to avoid at all costs. Here are a few common steps that people can follow in order to recover the email password on being locked out:

  • Click on the ‘Forgot my Password Tab’. Variations to this tab are ‘Can’t Login’, ‘Lost Password’ and such others.
  • Then go to the tab which asks for the specifics as to why the password needs to be recovered and there click on the radio button which says ‘Forgot my Password’ ad hit the Next button.
  • Post this you might be asked to enter the new password and verify the same by typing it again.
  • Then you will also be asked for an alternate email id where the new recovery password has to be sent.
  • After this step, the user might be asked to answer a few verification questions to establish identity.
  • Once this process is complete, and the email server is able to identify the user, a verification code will be sent to the alternate email id.
  • After the user logs into the email id and verifies the account, a temporary password will be sent to the same.
  • The user can then use this temporary password to generate a new password and log into the email account.

While having separate email accounts for different purposes is good, it often leads to issues with remembering the passwords necessitating the use of Email password recovery services.

While all email hosting accounts do have a very systematic approach to help the users recover the passwords in case they forget the same, most people who do not know much about the services often need to take help of professionals for Email password recovery.

Therefore, it can be stated that professional technical support companies can always be trusted to recover lost passwords without much hassle.

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