Emails have changed the way the world communicates. While the benefits of emails are many, like any other technical system, even emails have their down side. Since emails act as an open channel for receiving information from various sources, people with wrong intentions can send malicious files which one opened can release viruses into the system.

Email worms & bombing has become one of the most dreaded aspects of emails. People with wrong intentions can use these technologies to either flood the user’s mail box with thousands and thousands of spam messages which may ultimately lead to the crashing of the email server or to release such software that dig into the user’s system and retrieve crucial financial information to be sent to the operator or creator of the software.

The threats of Email worms & bombing have not only been experienced by companies but by national agencies too. Right from the defense services to the medical technology industry, all sectors face the threat of these malicious software.

Since, these programs pose such great risks, here are a few ways to save one’s PC from the harmful effects:

  • Always have an anti-virus program installed so that it can keep a vigil and block all malicious programs.
  • Never allow files to run automatically on the computer or make changes to the computer.
  • Keep updating the virus database in the anti-virus program.
  • Scan even the essential programs before launching them on the PC.
  • Install the antivirus software by carefully reading the manual provided.
  • Do not perform tasks that leave the PC open to view of outsiders by performing actions that you may not be sure of and have been instructed to do in mass emails.

While following these procedures can in many ways save the computer from such malicious software as bombs and viruses, people who are not sure about how to install them must seek for professional help.

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