Hotmail Customer Service Number 0-800-260-5676 Toll Free UK

In any business customer is the main component. If customer is happy then, it can be assumed the business the doing well. That’s why each and every business has different section who can deal with the customer’s problems. Hotmail customer service UK is not the exceptional one.If you are an old customer and want to come back to Hotmail then you have to follow the “reactivate Hotmail account” procedure.

Users have to select by clicking “Activate My Account”. Then users have to click on “accept all terms and conditions”. Then you have to click on “continue” and the further procedure will be two pages.

Hotmail Customer Service

Technicians from Hotmail customer service UK suggest that you can interact with them. They asked for the web address of deactivated Hotmail account in first text box. After that users have to put their secondary or alternative(active) email address in the next text box.It can be accessed with the mentioned information. Then users can choose the desired response from the given menu and press to “continue”. After that users need to note down the confirmation number for further activities. As Hotmail account deletes automatically after one year of inactivation.If anyone sends email to any inactive email it won’t reach to that email address, it will bounce back instead. In that situation if you want proper solution you can contact in Hotmail help number.

Sometimes new Hotmail users don’t understand how to sign in to Hotmail account. Customer service team of Hotmail is helpful for them too.If the email id and password is already saved in their system then it will show the users. In that case users need to click the OK or sign in button. If the users are going to open their account on public computer then there is chance to see another email account. In that case users need to sign in from different Microsoft account. But be aware if the user opens their email in public computer then they should off the “remember me” option in password segment. Otherwise there are higher chances to being hacked.

Hotmail customer service UK team values the customer and leave no chance to compromise with their privacy. That’s why they talk about two step verification process.

Along with providing technical solutions Hotmail customer service team always give suggestion how to protect the account from fraudulence activities. Because everyone knows “prevention is better than cure”. These suggestions are like-don’t share passwords with non-reliable person, don’t response or reply to mail which offers lucrative prizes or awards, create a strong password, change the password, don’t change the password frequently, delete the junk or unused and unimportant mails (as it reduces storage capacity).

Hotmail customer service UK is dedicated to serve high end solutions to the customer. It is 24*7 hours and 365 days service. So users don’t need to check the time and pocket when they need any assistance.They can call at toll free number 0-800-260-5676. They can talk for hours with the Hotmail support team without any interruption. Customer service team will offer customized package for each customer. So that users don’t have to more for unnecessary services.